Spring Cleaning Essentials You Need in Your Shay Apartment


It’s been a long winter, and now spring is in the air. Are you feeling like your Shay apartment needs to get cleaned? It’s the perfect time to get a head start on spring cleaning and follow the latest apartment trends.

Organizing Hacks, Dust Removers & More

There are various organizing hacks that you can use to declutter your apartment. Here are some ideas to refresh it:

Using Desk Organizers

Desk organizers can help keep your workspace clean if you have them in your apartment. You can use it to store pens, pencils, and more.

Utilize Vertical Space

There are likely many vertical spaces in your apartment, so it’s a perfect opportunity to use wall-mounted organizers and over-the-door storage. This will give you the floor space that you need while staying organized.

Use Microfiber cloths

Dust can quickly build up in your apartment over the winter. So, besides using a duster, you’ll want to use microfiber cloths as they easily wipe away dust on tables and smaller areas that dusters are too big for.

Cleaning Tips & Healthy Habits

Here are some tips that will help make cleaning a breeze and some healthy habits that you should practice:

Try to use natural cleaning products

It’s easier to just buy any cleaning products at the store, but natural cleaning products not only do their job but are better for the environment. It’s also better for your health as you won’t be inhaling toxic chemicals.

Stay Active

During the winter, it’s too easy to want to sit around and do nothing. But did you know that staying active not only improves your health but improves your mood as well?

Replace Filters

If you are using an air conditioner or air purifier, you’ll need to change the filters on a regular basis. This way, the recycled air can be as fresh as possible with no dust and allergens lingering in the air.

Apartment Trends at the Shay

The organizing hacks above will hopefully help you get a head start on cleaning your apartment. With spring in the air, why go to Arrington Vineyards for a glass of wine? You’ll get some much-needed outdoor time, then you can return to your freshly cleaned apartment for some downtime!

Make This Month About You: Self-Care at Home


It’s time to think about nice ways for treating yourself this month. One of the best ways to start is by searching for the latest apartment trends in Nashville. The Shay Apartments are just the place, situated in West Nashville, Tennessee. Here you can go to work, shop or eat out in the city, and never lose touch with the beauty of nature.

Discover a Neighborhood Filled with Excitement

One of the best ways of treating yourself well is to adopt healthy habits into your lifestyle. Living at The Shay will help you do just that when you discover what the neighborhood has to offer! Check out Crossfit Nashville Charlotte Ave, or try out Full Ride Cycling both can be found at 3 City Avenue. For lunch or dinner, you can dine at the Pastaria, and enjoy a sweet treat at KOKO’s Ice Cream.

Enjoy all the Amenities of Living Well

With so many self-care trends available today, living at The Shay Apartments should be at the top of the list. You will feel like the special person you are when renting one of these fine apartments. Each unit has a lighting system that is timed and responsive. Advancing the way you sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to begin a new day!

After a long day try treating yourself to more self-care products like bath bombs and other fine bath products. Later, visit the library on the 2nd floor to relax with a good book before retiring for the evening.

Wake up and start your morning right with a healthy drink and body cleanser at the juice bar. Get your blood pumping at the on-site yoga studio or take a refreshing swim in the resort-style pool.

Contact Us Today

When you are ready to start treating yourself with some self-care at home, call The Shay Apartments at 615-551-5389. All the self-care trends for naturally cleaning the body are here at The Shay Apartment.

Spruce Up Your Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

trendy grey walls, wall art, grey couch, and white round coffee table

Are you at the point where you feel it’s bland and boring inside your Shay apartment? It may be time to spruce things up. Read on for some renter-friendly hacks you can use and the current new interior trends you should use for your apartment.

New Additions for a Brighter Space

Here are some new additions that can help brighten up your space that looks inviting.

Peel Off Wallpapers

These are the hottest apartment trends because you can quickly put them on the walls and peel them off when you move out. Depending on your style, it can range from various colors and patterns.

Bring outside inside

They said plants improve people’s moods, so why not add a few plants to your apartment? Place most of them near the windows so they can get the light on them to stay alive.

Clean, Organized, and Unique

Maybe you want to be more organized or add a unique touch to your apartment. However, the case, here are some tips that you can use to spruce up your apartment:

Storage Shelves

Yes, there is a way you can install these without drilling holes in the wall. You’ll want to look into storage shelves that can be held up by adhesive glue or adhesive glue strips that can hold up the shelves. Learn how to put the shelves up using these materials here.


This is, of course, easier said than done. But you may be holding on to things that no longer need to be around. Removing these things can help make the apartment look roomier and a lot more organized. You can also get these storage bins to help declutter your apartment.

Apartment Trends at the Shay

You’ve spent the day organizing and sprucing up your apartment to bring it back to life again. How about you treat yourself to a night out at the Stage on Broadway for some good live music? After a night out, you can return to your now inviting apartment that you’ve spent the day sprucing up on and relax!

Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Baked Desserts!


Get ready for the festive season indoors with your family and friends this year. There is so much to do indoors and plenty of endless fun activities you can create to pass the time and make unforgettable memories with loved ones. Read on below to learn more about how you can make the most of your time this festive season at The Shay.

Staying Indoors: Games and Desserts

When it comes to celebrating the holidays in your apartment, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you entertained! From decorating your space to whipping up some delicious desserts, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your holiday season. One great way to celebrate the holidays is by staying indoors and playing some fun games! Whether you’re breaking out the classic board games or trying your hand at some new ones, spending time with loved ones is always a good time. And what’s a better way to fuel up for all that gaming than with some sweet treats? If you’re looking for festive dessert ideas, a little research will go a long way. From Christmas cookies to New Year’s Eve cake pops, there are plenty of delicious recipes to try. So whether you’re staying in for a cozy night or hosting a holiday party, make sure to whip up something tasty!

Celebrating New Year’s

Decorate your home with some incredible festive decorations. Get your family and friends together if you want to DIY. There are plenty of trends to check and follow if you need some inspiration. Make sure that the designs you use are not permanent so as not to damage your home. Here an idea designs that can be used for both Christmas and New Years, thus saving you time and ensuring a well-decorated home well into the new year.

Enjoy Fun Indoor Games This Festive Season

Nothing is more fun than being with friends and family during the festive season. There will be plenty of food and games to pass the time. Just don’t forget to take pictures so that you can remember this time. Use the tips above to ensure you get everything right.

Thanksgiving Dishes, Sides, and Desserts: Creating a Cozy Dinner


Fall at your The Shay home will be exquisite as you have the opportunity to invite friends and family over for dinner. Read the article below to get an idea of how to set up for this occasion at your home. There is nothing that brings people together like food.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Creating a perfect ambiance in your apartment is very easy. You cannot go wrong with apartment fall trend decorations since they are the basis of creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. You can purchase some of these decorations at your local mall. Some trending decorations this fall that you can use to create this look include:

  • Buy faux decorations
  • Collect from nature
  • Make a wreath
  • Get local pumpkins

Mouthwatering Dishes You Have to Try

The kitchen is your ultimate play area, where you can make Thanksgiving meal plans. Make sure to waste no time crafting meals you have never made this spring. If you like to experiment in the kitchen, now is the time. Check out some of these recipes below and incorporates them into your picnic menu.

  • One pan skillet of buttery chicken chorizo is a classic meal that is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Lasagna and fave bean salad is a good combination of flavors that will make your dinner unforgettable.
  • Carrot ginger soup – this yummy warm soup will ensure a tasty meal full of flavor and will leave you asking for more.
  • Classic asparagus quiche –
  • Strawberry rhubarb crisp – serves as an excellent thanksgiving side because who doesn’t like a great dessert?!

Enjoy These Thanksgiving Dishes at Your The Shay Home

Use the tips mentioned in this apartment to have a memorable thanksgiving with your family and friends. Be sure to take pictures to share them with family and friends. Residents of The Shay win at Thanksgiving!

Spooky Halloween Treats and Décor to Try This Season


Does the thought of Halloween bring you some great childhood memories? What would you say about recreating those apartment trends for Halloween in your Shay apartment? At this point, you will need to set aside your seasonal décor for the rest of the year and bring out your big guns!

Delicious Pumpkin Treats & More

First off, nothing recreates memories like the smell of a nice warm homemade meal or treat.

Pumpkin Pie

Baking pie fills your apartment living with the aroma of a delicacy that everyone can relate with. This Halloween, bake yourself this tasty, smooth, and warm pie. To top it off, use pumpkin spice, whipped cream, and nut toppings to bring the taste home. Feel free to be creative with your decorations as you go.


For people who can take dairy, the milkshake is a favorite for many. A pumpkin-flavored milkshake’s cool, sweet, and creamy taste will get you right in your Halloween feels. An added advantage of pumpkin milkshakes is the simplicity with which it is made. All you need is ice cream, graham crackers, and some milk. You can add your own flavors by including other ingredients. After all, it is the best time to scare your taste buds awake!

Halloween Hacks

Nothing screams Halloween like ghosts in your apartment living. The whole point of the celebration is to be as spooky and creative as possible.

Make ghost dolls

If you want some creepy decorations to place around your apartment, tiny ghost dolls will do. And all you need is a bunch of old dolls, white sheets, and a black marker to add draw-on eyes. This DIY trend will take you very little time to create and still give you the effect you are going for. You can also use doll heads and suspend your little ghosts from the ceiling. You can use the dolls on the ground to support small bowls and buckets of Halloween candy to serve your guests. It gets even better! Depending on how far you are willing to go, you can use makeshift goo and blood to stain the white sheets before placing them on the dolls.

DIY Trends for Halloween

Preparing for Halloween is as easy as you make it for yourself. You can have one of the most elaborate Halloween apartments on the block with creativity. Take a few hours from your busy day to create magic!

Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at The Shay


Even with all the rain and the chilly temperatures, you’ll still find fall to be a very attractive season. You’ll adore the concept of bringing the autumnal hues into your apartment living with homemade fall décor. When to switch up the indoor summer décor in your home for new, fresh DIY fall decorations is rather arbitrary. With the right materials, you can recreate the distinctive and lovely atmosphere of a distant wood-burning stove inside your home, with trees ablaze, stunning red and orange hues, fall foliage going to replace the summer greens, and crisp cool wind gusts filling the air with the memorable aroma of a faraway wood burning stove.

These are the fall décor you need

You can use various things for the fall season to spice up your home and give it that cozy season feeling. Some of the fall apartment décor include:

  • Pumpkins
  • Wreaths
  • Baskets
  • Acorns
  • Planters

Try these DIY projects this season

To help improve those cozy spaces in your apartment, you can implement some of these DIY trends to your apartment living that will also make your home lively for the fall season.

Simple Fall Garland

Using branches and fallen leaves, you can create a straightforward fall garland. Finding what you require ought to be simple enough in a playground or even in your personal garden. You can display the garland in the bedroom, sitting room, even in the kitchen, or at your home office. It looks beautiful against a neutral background.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Candles

Small to medium-sized pumpkins, soy candle wax flakes, cinnamon stick candle aroma, candle wicks, bamboo skewers, and adhesive are required to make them


Making fall season decorations is a popular tradition in many homes, and there are countless DIY trends to suit almost any style or design theme. To impress your house guests all season long, try some of these innovative DIY fall decorations this autumn.

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at The Shay


Planning on taking vacation for the summer or looking for local summer fun? The Shay Apartments in Nashville is helping residents check off their summer bucket lists by providing tips on what to add to their summer bucket lists.

Whether it is planning for a road trip, apartment staycation, or a romp around the park, there are tons of summer activities for Shay residents to enjoy.

Keep reading to get tips for summer apartment living and packing for summer vacations!

What to Add to Your Summer Bucket List- Vacay Mode

Summer isn’t even halfway over. That means it’s not too late to plan your summer vacation!

If you’re not willing or able to travel for long periods to take an “official” summer vacation, consider taking a day trip around the City of Nashville instead.

There are loads of summer fun activities around the local area that make it easy for Nashville residents to explore the music city without missing a beat!

Bucket Lists Items for Your Apartment Living Lifestyle

Have you been daydreaming of vacationing but can’t leave your Shay apartment home for an extended period? Make lemonade out of lemons by decorating your luxury apartment for a summer “staycation” instead!

Apartment living during summer is more relaxing when you bring in “beachy” decorations. Redecorating will give your apartment the feeling of relaxing on the beach.

Decorate your apartment with sea-themed accents and beach-colored tapestries. Choose items like this Beach Canvas Wall Art available on Amazon for decorative inspiration.

Summer Fun is Just Around the Corner!

Ready to venture out and catch some summer rays close to home?

The Shay apartments are within walking distance of many popular local amenities, restaurants, and entertainment hotspots.

Shay apartment residents can enjoy spending time at Centennial Park, Centennial Pet Park, and the Centennial Sportsplex Aquatic Center operated by the City of Nashville. All three neighborhood hotspots are just around the corner!

Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave


The Shay is a one of the best places to reside in Nashville. Here you can choose an apartment that suits your needs and enjoy a secure and comfortable living environment. Its nearness to natural parks means that you can spend summer exploring around. Be sure to picnic at the Riverfront Park on warm summer days. On hot days, stay indoors and have some summer fun with friends.

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

Staying indoors during summer feels like a punishment but you can make it better. Yes, you can avoid a heatwave and still have fun while at it. How? Here are some renter friendly hacks.

Try Summer Recipes

The ingredients are fresh and the stainless steel appliances are beckoning. Heed the call and try some summer recipes. From simple salads to complicated desserts, there are many dishes you could cook up.

Get Some Chores Done

Heatwaves are life savers but very few know this. Use this time indoors to get the house in order. You may spend most of your time outdoors catching some summer fun and forget the indoors. Use the time you spend indoors to clean and clear clutter.

Play Games

Whether you are home alone, in the company of kids, or have some friends over, summer entertainment is all about indoor games. No one feels like playing on their consoles in summer, and they do not have to. There are many cool summer games you can play. Settle on fun games that are compatible with apartment living. Indoor games like playing with dolls or playing scrabble are great options.

Hosting Family & Friends During the Heatwave

Invite family and friends to join you to make indoor summer fun even greater. How can you ensure that you all enjoy this stay?

Ensure the Temperatures in Each Room are Just Right

The home should be a cool haven where one feels comfortable. Ensure your air filters and HVAC are in perfect working conditions. Check the unit and confirm that everything is okay.

Provide Enough Food and Drinks

The heat outside is draining, and people will need to drink more. Ensure you have enough supply of both water and food for all guests.

Keep Them Entertained

Indoor entertainment can be anything ranging from games to movies to activities that bring the outside in like indoor camping. Plan some fun activities you can all enjoy.

Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Shay Nashville Apartment


It’s time to jump on the summertime house color decorating bandwagon! Summer is exciting because you get to add vibrant colors to your home. Living at The Shay Apartments, you can use many beautiful colors to create a trendy look. Let’s look at some of the colors you could add to your home.

Making Your Home Summer Ready

You should consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls when you ready your home for summer. But many options are available, from the classic red geranium to the modern succulents. How do you know which ones are the best for apartment living?

Here are two great apartment-friendly tips on adding vibrant decorations to your space.

Add bright colors and patterns to your home. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors like orange and red that will brighten up any room!

Invest in furniture that matches your color palette, neutral or bold (or both!).

Hues to Match Every Mood this Season

Regarding interior design, changing seasons are a great excuse to freshen up the place. Here are hues for your home to match every mood this season.

  • Bright Orange: Orange is a classic color that’s easy to pair with anything. It is a color that is associated with warmth and happiness.
  • Sandy Beige: Beige is a neutral that adds sophistication and a luxury feel to any room. It matches any other color and makes your home look beautiful and classy.
  • Marigold: Marigold can be paired with whites, grays, and other light colors to create a warm look. It is a yellow-orange so that it can be used as an accent color or as a room’s primary color.
  • Sky Blue: Sky blue rooms are typically bright and cheerful but can also be calming and serene.

Vibrant Decorations for Summer Fun.

Picking the right colors for the summer season is one of the many renter-friendly hacks to spice up your summer. Colors improve the mood at your place, so you should consider using them.